Summer school preparation 2024 in Chemnitz and Freiberg, Germany

17. -21. June 2023 at TUBAF, Freiberg Germany

On 19.6.2024 part of the partners gathered in Freiberg to continue planning the Summer school. In part of the work in the afternoon the Zoom meeting was held, to discuss the progress of “exploratory project”.

Summer school 2023 in Haifa, Israel

10. -14. September 2023 at Technion – The Israel Institute of Manufacturing Technologies

On first day we heard the lecture: “Introduce AM including multi-material processing, post processing. Show the challenges and the possibilities (FGM), by prof. Govekar and “AM powder preparation, handling and safety issues by Keren Zohar Hauber.

In the afternoon two practical workshops:

  1. Powder preparation and characterization using SEM, Gas analyzer, camsizer and XRF (Strokin Evgeny, Keren Zohar Hauber)
  2. Determination of process parameters  ,build preparation and characterization (Strokin Evgeny, Keren Zohar Hauber)

On Monday four theoretical lectures:

  1. State of the art in powder bed technology (SLM and EBM). (Dr. Alex Katz)
  2. State of the art of Binder Jetting (Dr. Gary Muller)
  3. Potential applications of dynamic beam shaping in DED. (Dr. Aleksey Kovalevsky)
  4. Iron, Steels, HEA and Nickel based alloys in additive manufacturing and advanced characterization (Dr. Shmuel Arieli)

in the afternoon an industrial tour to CIVAL LASERs took place

On Tuesday 12. 9. 2023 participants listened to two theoretical

  1. Defects in metal additive manufacturing (Dr. Shmuel Arieli)
  2. Heat treatments and HIP effect in PBF (Dr. Alex Katz )

part of the first lecture took place in the laboratory with live demonstration of material inspection with electron microscopy

In the afternoon two workshops took place

  1. Post processing of printed samples include: Mechanical testing (Roman Biletskiy), surface modification (Strokin Evgeny), phase determination and mapping using EBSD (Dr. Shmuel Arieli).
  2. Post processing of printed samples include: Mechanical testing, (Roman Biletskiy), surface modification  (Strokin Evgeny), phase determination and mapping using EBSD(Dr. Shmuel Arieli).

On Wednesday in the morning session two lectures:

  • Design for AM – (Dr. Alex Katz/ Dr. Gary Muller)
  • Process simulations- (Prof. Menahem Bamberger)

after the break a workshops took place

  • Hands on exploration: using FEM and ML to navigate defects in additive manufacturing (Prof. Shmuel Osovski)

and after the lunch break a workshop took place:

  • Using computer aided methodologies to design a small, complex (personal) PBF print. (overnight printing) by (Evgeny Strokin, Dr. Gary Muller and Dr. Andrej Jeromen)

On Thursday

last day of Summer school finished 3D parts were removed from the EBM machine and post-processed

After short lunch-break some of participants visited company Kanfit3D

Upon returning to the institute an “Open discussion of the results” took place and after that the summer school officially ended with short session “Summary and closing remarks”

Invitation to the summer school “Additive manufacturing: from metal powder material to final part”

Link to pdf document: invitation

Training at Freiberg / Chemnitz 19.– 23. June, 2023

Project partners gathered at at Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg (TUBAF) in Germany to gain insights on the PeP process as well as on sample and surface characterisation. The event was from 19. – 23. June, 2023

Staff exchange at TECHNION, 27. May – 2. June, Haifa, Israel

First day – discussion on Summer school schedule, details etc.

Second day – we continued with schedule of theoretical presentations and preparations for the practical work, specifically on powder characterisation and preparation.

Training at TECHNION, 19.-24. Februar, Haifa, Israel

Kick off meeting, 12. – 13. January 2023, Ljubljana, Slovenia