SEAMAC workshop at 15th Industrial Forum IRT

On the 10th and 11th of June 2024, in the idyllic town of Portoroz, SEAMAC partners, together with guests from research institutions and industrial partners joined for the selected presentations and discussions on “Industrial challenges of additive technologies“. (link to IRT press release)

A snapshot from the presentation of Tobias Glaser (Additive|Drives GmbH).

SRIP FoF – Plazemske tehnologije

Plasma electrolytic polishing was presented on a workshop Innovations using plasma technologies in industry, medicine, and agriculture (Inovacije z uporabo plazemskih tehnologij v industriji, medicini in kmetijstvu). Majority of participants were from industry. During the workshop, several groups were formed to brainstorm about the industrial challenges and possible solutions by plasma technologies. On the photo below only three are visible.

power cable for PeP machine is ready

The electrical cable for the PeP machine is ready: It’s not just a cable; it’s a super-cable! In its first few milliseconds, it flexes its muscles and withstands up to 1000 A. Thankfully, during its average workday, it chills out and cruises at just 10-100x lower current levels.